Nearly Comfortable Vol.5: Surbiton Sounds

March 26, 2010

I can only apologise for keeping you waiting so long for the next installment of Nearly Comfortable. Volume 5 is a return to a more guitar based selection reflecting my current purchasing habits. Having moved house I now have a new local record shop so where possible I will link through to Banquet records, when Banquet doesn’t stock a title I will carry on linking through to Rough Trade.

As ever press the black arrow on the player to download.


Cornerstone Church intro
Caecilia: Fennesz (buy)
The Distance: Dntel Feat. Arthur & Yu (buy)
Home: Nick Cave and Warren Ellis (buy)
Here’s A Star: The Silent League (buy)
Share: Cymbals Eat Guitars (buy)
Comets: Fanfarlo (buy)
Home: Edward Sharpe The Magnetic Zeros (buy)
Careful With That Hat: Citay (buy)
Goo Goo Muck: The Cramps (buy)
Raise Up and Fight: Crippled Black Phoenix (buy)

Purchase from amazon

Nearly Comfortable Vol.5 26.03.10 by MickeyTheFish


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