dan le sac Vs Scroobius Pip – The Logic of Chance

January 10, 2010

So this is the difficult second album by our friends dan le sac Vs. Scroobius Pip, not so – it’s a gem. For those of you that have seen them live recently you would already have been introduced to two of their new tracks ‘Great Britain’ and ‘The Beat’. Remember, they were the ones that had you jumping about like you were 16 again or maybe are you are 16 and jumping around at gigs is still par for the course. This album has all the elements that make lesacVsPip so lovable: Pips rhymes are as on it as ever and still coated nicely in his trademark Essex twang, it has their mix of hip-hop, choppy electronica, dance floor bombs, heart-swelling anthems, witty social commentary and poppy goodness (now that’s not something I say very often). It’s this heady combination of genres that make these guys so difficult to pigeonhole.

In my opinion ‘The Logic of Chance’ comes in a much improved, more accomplished package, Mr le sac has been busy in his sonic laboratory and pulled all the stops out, the production on this record is first class, tracks sound bigger, better, rounder. There also other production elements that make me happy, little things like messing about with the police sirens at the end of ‘Last Train Home’ and building them into the intro of ‘Snob’. Things like that are important to a geek like me and I think show a form of respect for the album as a format, something the digital age runs the risk of losing (yeah alright, shut up granddad I hear you call).

The highlights on the album generally fluctuate depending on what mood I’m in and what I feel like listening to. Today they are ‘Great Britain’, ‘Cowboi’ and ‘Get Better’ other days ‘Snob’, ‘Last Train Home’, ‘The Beat’ and ‘Cauliflower’ vie for the top 3. ‘Great Britain’ sees Pip explore his love/hate relationship with this island home of ours. Diversity and music = good, knife crime = not so good. Obviously I am paraphrasing somewhat. The track kicks and thumps and is catchy as hell right from the opening synth hook. Another plus is that halfway through Pip’s vocals get all shouty and personally, I think his vocals sound best when he sounds a bit narked.

‘Imagine a song that really reached out and touched kids and not in a Daily Mail way’. What a way to start a track. ‘Get Better’ (in the player below along with a very special remix from the Errors) will be the first single from this album and to be honest I wasn’t overly keen when I first heard it. But this is all quite normal for me with lesacVsPips work, there are always the odd tracks that trip my ‘oh no thats a bit poppy for me’ alarm, on ‘Angles’ it was ‘Look For The Woman’ and like ‘Look For The Woman’, ‘Get Better’ has grown on me like a well trimmed beard. It’s a very skillfully crafted tune with a strong inspirational message for da kids about their proclivity to breed.

Get Better (7″)  by  lesacvspip

Released 1st March
Pre-order here

And finally we come to todays favorite track from the album ‘Cowboi’ which features the vocal talents of one-time label mate Kid Carpet. The track is both fantastic and horrific, on one hand the strings and beats are rousing and the chorus is beautifully sung. On the other, it is a story about a women who nearly gets raped in an alley. I love the dialect, with Kid Carpet’s Bristolian lilt in the chorus and the way Pip’s Essex accent makes ‘killed’ ‘kiwed’. It’s not the Queen’s but very homegrown, very British . . .. ‘Great Britain’ indeed.

These guys are known for their live shows, (they managed to fill a tent going head to head with Rage Against the Machine at Reading for God’s sake) and I can promise you that their next set of tours are going to be something you do not want to miss, you can just tell that the ‘The Beat’ is going to blow speaker stacks and ‘Cowboi’ will become another sing-along anthem that will be rolling around people’s heads weeks after the show, I do hope they bring Kid Carpet on tour with them.

NB: This review is a little inaccurate as it has taken a while to write (I got distracted by the darts, a couple of amazing semi finals at Lakeside – come on Woolfie) todays favorite tune is actually ‘The Beat’ but I’ll be buggered if I am going to re-write it all now.

Released 8th March
Pre-order today



2 Responses to “dan le sac Vs Scroobius Pip – The Logic of Chance”

  1. Cheers for this, it’s the first review of any kind I’ve seen for the new album.

    I’ve seen a few of live performances of the new songs knocking about on youtube. The Beat looks like another brilliant, bouncy tune.

    I’m looking forward to seeing them in Sheffield the same week the album comes out. It’ll be good to go back to the same place I first saw Dan + Scroob play live.

    • No problem, Dan n Pip will be playing at the Borderline on the 27th so I May test my chops at doing live reviews.
      You can subscribe at the bottom of the page for updates.

      All the best,


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